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Новости и советы от программного обеспечения для выставления счетов и учета #1

26 December 2019

Boost Your Business Productivity With E-Invoicing

Every business has had its share of clients who give troubles when it comes to timely payments. While these make managing accounts very tough, it also hampers the cashflow in any organization. To find ways to deal with such customers, should be one of the primary objectives of every business.
1 October 2019

Преимущества бесплатного программного обеспечения для выставления счетов, позволяющего сэкономить время и деньги

For any entity be it a freelancer, a business enterprise, or a start-up, the truth remains the same- today’s market is very competitive. It is very difficult to run the operations and attract and retain the client altogether. It has become very crucial for businesses to look out for ways that allow them to save time, money and other resources
31 January 2017
What are ghost bills

Что такое гост-билс? И что я могу сделать против них?

A fake invoice, ghost note or ghost invoice is an invoice for goods or services that have never been delivered, sent by scammers. These scammers often send them with thousands at the same time, which they hope companies will not check and pay for. If you pay, the scammer is lucky, but if you do not, you will never hear anything about it again. What tricks do they use and what can you do about them?
31 January 2017
What is a packing note?

Что такое упаковочная записка?

A delivery note is also known as a packing note. But what is a delivery note note? If you, as an entrepreneur, self-employed person, SME or freelancer, run a business and trade in goods or products, you can not escape having to send a delivery note with the goods to be delivered. It is a supplement to the invoice that accompanies the order.
31 January 2017
What is a quote

Что такое котировка? И как мне сделать одну?

A quote is the precursor of an invoice, an important part of the tendering process. It is an offer for a product or service that the customer can use. Making a quotation is part of the day-to-day work within many disciplines, for example handymen who make a quotation for something to be refurbished. It is a business proposal that the customer can accept or reject.